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The Octavia Fellin Public Library has 22 Public Access Computers and the Children's Library has 19 Public Access  Computers which all have word processing and access to the Internet free of charge.  The following rules govern the use of these computers.

1. Sign up at the front desk.

2. You must have a library card or an I.D. with you.

3. Provide your own 1.44MB floppy diskettes or storage media for saving data or information.

4. You may use the computer for one(1) hour.  If your one hour has come up and someone is waiting, you must allow the next person to use the computer.  If no one is waiting, you may continue until someone needs to use the computer.

5. There are no games on these computers.

6. You may not load any programs into the computer.  If you do, you will be denied further access to the public access computers.

7. Children under the age of 11 will not be allowed to use the adult computers at the Main Library unless an adult stays with them at the computer station.  There are several computers in the Octavia Fellin Public Children's Library, which can be checked out to children ages 10 and younger with signed parental permission.

8. Only two people per computer station will be allowed at a time.  It is not a group activity.

9. Excessive noise or inappropriate use of the computer will terminate your session.

10. The computers are provided for people who know how to use them.  The staff cannot provide instruction on the use of computers.  UNM - Gallup Branch offers computer courses.

11. Charge for printing on the monochrome HP LaserJet printer is $0.10 per page.  Color printing is $0.25 per page.



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Last modified: January 02, 2009